How it started
IDT2n the summer of 2008, Dimitra Tasiouras and Sharon Bautista had the idea of organizing a bike ride where they would go around tasting gelato throughout Chicago. They set out on the Giro del Gelato (“tour of gelato”) with over a dozen friends and visited five gelaterias on one spectacular day.
After having so much fun on their gelato ride, Dimitra and Sharon went on to plan a culinary Tour de France and the Vuelta a Tacos (“tour of tacos”). At the end of the summer, they decided to start Fork and the Road to share their tours with more people.

DTFor years, Dimitra and Sharon led a variety of food tours all summer long for hundreds of cyclists of all ages, ability levels, and hometowns. In 2012, Dimitra became a solo leader with supporting ride guides, and in 2014, Dimitra offered Fork and the Road to Graze to revamp and revitalize this beloved tradition of bringing cyclists and food enthusiasts together.